Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management from your Cloverleaf Professional!
Eliminate unwanted weeds and grasses. One application lasts all year!

We offer Post-emergent Vegetation Management as well as Bareground solutions.
  • Post-emergent Services will take care of your grasses and weeds that have already germinated and established themselves as ground covering.
  • Bareground Services will create a 6" barrier, preventing all vegetation germinating. Leaving your property free of pesky weeds and grasses.


  • Food Facilities: Prevent rodent harborages near their structure. Reduce allergens near their facility.
  • Grain Elevators / Farmers: Reduce the risk of fire and improve access for railcars to the facility. Save time and money as well as reduce chemical exposure for your staff
  • Other great applications: Cell phone towers, gravel driveways, ATV trails, railroad tracks, and cracks in parking lots.


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