Bed Bug Information

Early detection and cooperation from the customer are key!

Our team can help train you and your staff how to recognize signs to help protect you and your Company’s reputation.

Signs of Activity

  • Blood or fecal stains on bed linens
  • Cast skins
  • Live bed bugs
  • Indications of bites on people

Social Issues

  • Customer or tenant being bitten
  • The reputation of your business
  • Customer or resident anxiety over bed bugs

Business Liability

  • Potential lawsuits
  • Loss of Profit
  • Damage to your company's reputation
  • Unnecessary treatments if problem is left untreated.

Steps to Take

  • A Cloverleaf Professional will identify and confirm the infestation.
  • Preparations taken and infestation will be treated.

We will tailor a treatment to your needs. There are several preventative options as well.

Be sure to ask a Cloverleaf Professional for details.

It is important to realize that elimination of bed bugs can be a difficult process and may require extensive time and cooperation.


Contact CloverLeaf today to get more information or to schedule your free consultation and estimate.

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